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The RX-8 limited car which commemorates rotary 40th anniversary

Matsuda, commemorated rotary engine car sale 40th anniversary, in RX-8 sold limited car “RX-8 rotary engine 40th anniversary commemoration car” on August 8th. The RX-8 rotary engine 40th anniversary commemoration car has become main leather black of the exclusive use which makes [kosuposupotsu] remember which is the originator rotary engine car which appears in 1967 & private interior of [arukantara] specification and the special model which adopts the marble white and the private ornament etc of the private body color. In addition the high brightness 18 inch aluminum wheel and the front fog lamp, advanced key less entry & the engine start system etc are equipped as special equipment. In addition, employing the Bill Stein damper and the firing urethane filling up front suspension cross member etc of private specification on the underside. [supotei] running furthermore is raised. As for price, both 6 fast MT specifications and 6 fast AT specifications 3,150,000 Yen. The sale quantity becomes the limitation 200.