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Auto Buying Guide

Auto Buying Guide: Extended Warranty FAQ

It is common for auto salespeople to up-sale customers by convincing them to purchase vehicles with bonus features that enhance the driving experience. While opting for the sunroof, rims, and wood interior may sound appealing, be prepared to pay more for the vehicle. Aside from interior or exterior features, car salesman will also try and sell their customers an extended warranty. All vehicles are sold with a basic warranty, which covers a limited number of repairs for a short period following the purchase. However, car buyers may select longer coverage for an additional fee. Before signing an extended warranty contract, carefully read the document and fully understand the stipulations.How Long is the Extended Warranty Effective? There are different time frames for an extended warranty. Longer warranties cost more. Car buyers should select warranty time frames based on the number of years they intend to keep the car. For example, buyers who purchase new cars every two years should not select 60 month warranties. On the flip side, if a buyer plans on keeping the car for several years, shorter warranties may be worthless. Is There a Mileage Cap?Yes. The majority of extended warranties stop coverage on the vehicle once 100,000 miles are reached. On average, it takes a vehicle approximately eight years to reach 100,000. What Does an Extended Warranty Cover? Each extended warranty is different. Thus, buyers must read the contract carefully and ask questions. Extended warranties cover automotive repairs. However, repairs due to wear and tear are not usually covered. For example, if the window stops functioning properly, or problems arise with the vehicle's engine, the extended warranty will cover the repair cost. On the other hand, brakes and tire repairs would be considered normal wear and tear, and not covered by the policy. Is There a Deductible?Even though an extended warranty will cover many major repairs, and possibly save you thousands, most policies do require an upfront deductible. Deductibles are reasonably priced and range from $20 - $100. Some policies charge a deductible per repair, whereas others charge per visit. If possible, choose an extended warranty policy that charges a fee per visit. This way, if the vehicle needs multiple repairs, you avoid paying a higher out-of-pocket expense. Which Mechanics Can Maintenance the Vehicle?Cars with an extended warranty can be serviced or repaired by any mechanic willing to honor the warranty agreement. Yet, if a dealership's extended warranty is purchased, all repairs or services must be rendered by the dealership that sold the policy. Furthermore, regular routine maintenance is required. If a car owner neglects tune-ups, oil changes, and so forth, the dealership or company issuing the extended warranty has the right to cancel the policy.

Are Extended Warranties Cancelable? Because extended warranties are contractual agreements, there is a penalty for canceling the policy. While some companies charge a huge cancellation fee, other companies refuse to cancel the agreement. Prior to choosing a warranty, inquire about the cancellation policy.

Infiniti Car Dealer New York Showcases the Dream Machine by: Tim Johrer

Luxury, style and class rightly define the Infiniti range of cars. With Infiniti range of cars, one can enjoy a smooth driving experience in the real sense. In fact, Infiniti cars have given a new meaning to the fantasies of a person to own one of the most attractive looking cars. Infiniti car dealer is the right place to check out your dream machine. If you are residing in New York or a city nearby, then you should reach your nearest Infiniti car dealer to change your dreams into reality. Cars are another name for luxury. It not only eases your traveling, but also adds elegance to your life.
Going to an Infiniti car dealer won’t be useful, if you do not have the money for purchasing the dream machine. This does not mean that you can’t change your dream into reality. What about finance facilities or taking loan to buy the stylish Infiniti? Financing will enable you to buy your dream car, even if you are running short of money. The main aim of financing facility is to make you available the necessary money to buy your favorite car. Facility of financing is to help the buyers to meet their need of buying a luxury car.
As a part of financing facility, you have got to make a down payment. Down payment is the certain percentage of the actual price of your dream car that you have to pay your Infiniti car dealer. After that, rest of the price is divided into installments that can be paid every month. This method will not only enable you to own your dream car without worrying about its price, but also regularize your monthly payments. The main advantage of this service is that, you don’t feel it burdensome to pay installments.
There are a variety of cars and special utility vehicles available as a part of the range of Infiniti cars. At an Infinity car showroom, you can select from a range of G35Coupe, G35 Sedan, FX 35, Q45, M35 and M45 cars. Helpers with Infiniti car dealer are meant to guide you properly in selecting the right Infiniti car for you. After selecting your favorite car, be sure to take a test drive and check out that the car is working properly. Apart from this, you can also choose your favorite color of Infiniti car. Blue, black and various other metallic colors are being hot favorites among buyers.
With Infiniti car dealer, you can be rest assured that your dream has found its destination. If you are not able to afford brand new Infiniti car, then used cars is the best option available. Used cars are not only available at lesser rates; some of them are really in good working condition. Moreover, buying used car from a reliable Infiniti car dealer can be the best option available for you. After all, it’s the matter of your hard earned money that you are investing buying your dream machine.