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2007 Toyota Yaris Hatchback Review

2007 Toyota Yaris Hatchback

Toyota Yaris : This is the car of the future. Check out any variety of forecast data pertaining to population growth, gas prices, and infrastructure investmentand and global warming, The trajectories are dire unless something happens now. Experts say that by mid-century there will be 100 million more Americans, that our atmosphere will be irrevocably damaged by excess carbon emissions, that gasoline prices will rise exponentially, and that our cities will begin to crumble under increasing strain. The tough, fuel-sipping, clean-burning, park-it-anywhere, fun to drive Toyota Yaris Hatchback might look a little goofy today, but represents an intelligent transportation solution for tomorrow.


this is yaris spec. IT is transportation solution for tomorrow. OK

1,496 cc 1.5 liters in-line 4 front engine with 74.9 mm bore, 84.6 mm stroke, 10.5 compression ratio, double overhead cam, variable valve timing/camshaft and four valves per cylinder 1SZ-FE

Unleaded fuel 87

Fuel economy EPA highway (mpg): 39 and EPA city (mpg): 34

Multi-point injection fuel system

11.1 gallon main unleaded fuel tank

Power: 79 kW , 106 HP SAE @ 6,000 rpm; 103 ft lb , 140 Nm @ 4,200 rpm

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After part production and sale and race/lace support for the HONDA car are managed, the brand is established “infinity”. The infinity, filled technology and the philosophy which are cultivated with the motor sport activity which covers the long time when F1 and SUPER GT are begun made one complete car complete. As for the name “HONDA CIVIC MUGEN RR (double earl)”. Pursuing ultimate efficiency, in the base, [shibitsukutaipu] R as a load car HONDA CIVIC MUGEN RR which you complete is the complete car to which just infinity materializes converts “dream”.  Special MUGEN RR with the goal of the improvement of engine efficiency aerodynamic efficiency maneuverability, furthermore enhances the efficiency of [shibitsukutaipu] R of the based vehicle, finishes in ultimate FF [supotsupahuomansu] one unit. It is arranged in 1 unit 1 manual operations, installs the serial plate and is shipped.

As for exterior concept “formula sport”. Throwing the carbon material to the engine hood and the front bumper and the rear spoiler etc positively. With the styling which insists personality, aero dynamics which was constructed with rear under spoiler & [deihuza] etc, it is thorough overtakes light weight conversion, vehicle weight is squeezed to 1,240kg.  As for the rear wing, adopting the form which uses 3 next curved surfaces which are adopted even by the GT car. Down fourth is generated effectively without increasing Cd value. Furthermore, installation angle of the wing (the degree of 0~12) by the fact that variable it does, adjustment of effective lift balance every travelling stage is possible. In addition you insist the starting point, which the back fog lamp which represents F1 has, MUGEN RR circuit strongly.

The interior pursuing “driving position” as one of the element which is indispensable to sport driving.  Adopting the private semi bucket seat by the cooperation development with RECARO for 2 legs of the driver/the passenger. The arrival seat point Normal (for road)/Low (for circuit) 2 positions it has the specifications which can be selected. To short stroke coupled with the shifter which is converted, it actualizes the optimization of hold characteristic and operation position.  In addition, the tachometer of the private design to which unlimited brand logograph enters, 3 connected assist meters (equipment of water temperature/oil temperature/oil pressure and the private sport pedal etc, uplift the mind for running.

 As for the engine, the intake system which has the bulk air box, the exhaust manifold which aimed for layout optimization low the dual exhaust system which achieves anti- pressure is given, +15ps output improvement (240ps) has carried out with peak power.  With the underside, showing the cornering performance which is superior the private tire “[potenza] RE070 RR specifications” which was developed with Bridgestone jointly, with the adoption of light weight high rigid private forging [hoiru] and private suspension etc. With the attenuation power 5 step adjustment type damper, not only performance pursuit it carries out also the compatibility with the comfort such as riding comfort. In order that [burenbo] make carry per efficiency is pulled out, the brake rotor of opposite bench structure (the front) and slit structure (the front/the rear) adopting the brake, the rotor and the sport brake pad. In addition as it corresponds to the engine power which increases low by installing the brake hose of direct feeling is made possible coefficient of expansion, control characteristic is pursued.  As for MUGEN RR, with 300 unit limitation incoming order productions from September 13th the HONDA Cars handling store of entire country (as for the dealer it is sold simultaneously in the middle of August decision) via. As for vehicle price 4.777 and 500 Yen. When you compare with [shibitsukutaipu] R of the based vehicle, it becomes rise of approximately 1,000,000 Yen, but isn't probably not to be never high price technology and the passionate = infinity which are included there as a compensation to “of dream”?

NISSAN Skyline coupePrototype

NISSAN Skyline coupePrototype


Report: Estuary [ma] [bu]Photograph: The Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.Test drive stage: The nissan Rikubetsu test course

Total length ## full ## total height =4650mm×1824mm×1395mm, the wheel base =2850mm, the car weight =1660kg, drive system =FR, liter engines =3.7 V6 DOHC [243kW (330ps) /7000rpm and 366Nm (37.3kg-m) /5200rpm], the transmission =5AT or 6MT

As for sale of new model skyline coupe, schedule of the earlier October. Detailed specifications information is not released yet, but it seems that becomes the line-up, standard grade & sport grade and 5AT&6MT. This year for the skyline, year of turning point of birth 50th anniversary. With Tokyo motor show of the fall, fan long-awaited new model GT-R is the possibility that the world premiere it is done.

“This it is, this!”
“As expected how… where probably will be?”Finally while designating the expectation that as the chest, it can send the prototype of the skyline coupe, it was worry where. Because because the skyline sedan which does to the NISSAN Rikubetsu test course together from the Memanbetsu airport (the 4WAS equipped car) you had been perplexed in running. In the distance of approximately 90km, as for the road the wandering where the wheel track is strong deeply occurs. There is the resistance which always is strong in the hand which supports the steering wheel, remembers the unpleasant impression. Pliant you cannot call the underside and are shaken and the impression is strong. If is, as for the coupe which can be sent from now on it is extent? When you think, that sensibly [supotei] it probably is character from the sedan, the head was painful. It probably is truly all right or,…?
 But, such a unpleasant impression being able to send the skyline coupe, eradicated completely at barely several meters. “This it is, this!”You shout unintentionally with heart. You will confess honestly. Very this time after a long time, riding the NISSAN new model truly, it was instantaneous you can agree upon to running. So, as for prototype of the skyline coupe, running first, it was [deki] which you can agree upon sufficiently.
 According to NISSAN, you praised with the sedan, you say that with the coupe for, you aimed “super fascination, super refinement and the super high performance” vis-a-vis “fascination, refinement and the high performance”. But whether or not I was actualized that, compared to, being able to send, the yes or the no? You thought that is everything. And coupe prototype just “the yes!”Was. While grasping the steering wheel, the face [ho] time [bu] you understood even by your.

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The RX-8 limited car which commemorates rotary 40th anniversary

Matsuda, commemorated rotary engine car sale 40th anniversary, in RX-8 sold limited car “RX-8 rotary engine 40th anniversary commemoration car” on August 8th. The RX-8 rotary engine 40th anniversary commemoration car has become main leather black of the exclusive use which makes [kosuposupotsu] remember which is the originator rotary engine car which appears in 1967 & private interior of [arukantara] specification and the special model which adopts the marble white and the private ornament etc of the private body color. In addition the high brightness 18 inch aluminum wheel and the front fog lamp, advanced key less entry & the engine start system etc are equipped as special equipment. In addition, employing the Bill Stein damper and the firing urethane filling up front suspension cross member etc of private specification on the underside. [supotei] running furthermore is raised. As for price, both 6 fast MT specifications and 6 fast AT specifications 3,150,000 Yen. The sale quantity becomes the limitation 200.

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about HYBRID

to day i go to see HYBRID car

CAPSULE REVIEWUnlike the Toyota Prius, which is a stand-alone model, the hybrid Civic shares the same sheetmetal as the rest of the sedan lineup, distinguished only by a couple of minor cosmetic distinctions. Another difference is that the Prius can accelerate from a stop using only its electric motor, while the Civic cannot. That’s because the Civic has a weakling 20-hp electric motor, whereas the Prius’s makes a robust 67 horses; and the Honda’s engine and electric motor are sandwiched together and then connected to the transmission: If one is running, so must the other. However, the Civic’s powertrain is simpler than that of the Prius. It also yields quieter operation than the Prius, and with an EPA rating of 49 mpg city and 51 highway, it’s a serious competitor to the Toyota. If you’re looking for a functional, livable, and good-looking high-efficiency sedan, the Civic hybrid fills the bill. for more DEtails