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about HYBRID

to day i go to see HYBRID car

CAPSULE REVIEWUnlike the Toyota Prius, which is a stand-alone model, the hybrid Civic shares the same sheetmetal as the rest of the sedan lineup, distinguished only by a couple of minor cosmetic distinctions. Another difference is that the Prius can accelerate from a stop using only its electric motor, while the Civic cannot. That’s because the Civic has a weakling 20-hp electric motor, whereas the Prius’s makes a robust 67 horses; and the Honda’s engine and electric motor are sandwiched together and then connected to the transmission: If one is running, so must the other. However, the Civic’s powertrain is simpler than that of the Prius. It also yields quieter operation than the Prius, and with an EPA rating of 49 mpg city and 51 highway, it’s a serious competitor to the Toyota. If you’re looking for a functional, livable, and good-looking high-efficiency sedan, the Civic hybrid fills the bill. for more DEtails